So about us! First off, we are thrilled that everyone who uses our favor bags and wall art, know they are getting a one of a kind customization worthy of the most spoiled brides, moms-to-be, kids, or just straight up awesome folks with great style. 

 Before I created SALTED Design Studio, I was yerning to start my own business to create something that was all my own. I would study shark tank, take notes and evaluate the pros and cons of certain ideas and products…I’d think about how I could incorporate my talents.

Then one day after meeting a really cute boy who is now my partner for life, I started planning our super cute backyard lobster bake, ultra-Long Islander, yet completely hypothetical wedding on Pinterest and came across wedding menus. Now, I’m a super frugal person and my total budget for this soiree of all soriees was 15k…which is basically pennies if you’ve ever looked up the cost of weddings in New York. So I thought how can I combine the wedding menu as a super cute bread holder or how can I use the wedding program to hold the bird seed that I want our guests to throw after our ceremony.   Then it dawned on me, how about a cute kraft brown paper bag that serves this double duty, but don’t stop there, it can be used for weddings and as favor bags for all kinds of events, baby showers, birthday parties, etc. It could hold cutlery, or candies, or confetti or coffee.

I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to figure out how to do it…print onto paper bags, I mean how can I keep the machines from crinkling the bag into shreds?

But then I thought about how I work with plotters  e v e r y  day… see, at this same time that this company was born, I was studying for my last exam for my license as an architect, so my day job was as a designer on the path to licensure. || I am now licensed! || But. The process of licensure teaches you one very important thing, no matter who you are or how good you are, you will be sued! & the weakest part of my being is conflict. So I stay practicing as an architect for the STATE which protects me from liability, but here in this shop is where the magic happens and I get out my oozing creativity by collaborating with you babes!

I decided I’d set out to create the trendiest favor bags and wall art for the most creative women in the modern world.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

There have been times when the plotters weren’t printing properly, or the toner leaks, or the quality of the bags I sourced dropped off and I’d have to change suppliers and wait months for supply to come through and I’d just want to give up and close shop.

However, I quickly realized how much I love custom designing these little pieces of love for you, and all of the positive experiences and reviews make it so worth it. I had a bride once tell me that the custom bag I created for her was the best item she purchased for her entire wedding, hands down! I was completely in awe of that and that is why I keep pushing through. I would love to do the same for you, if you’ll let me.

Our favor bags can be spotted on…

Fast forward to today, the really cute boy & I have flipped our first home, a 5 bedroom 4 bathroom home in eastern Long Island…not the Hamptons, we wish. Or don’t wish? not sure. As we have torn down and rebuilt every. single. wall. I started pouring out a lifetime of reading and studying other architects work and interior design creations, some of them just every day moms filling their homes with what they find beautiful – all of this has given me the courage to begin offer E-Design to my very own clients. So welcome, I’m so glad you’re here.